You may want to try something different in your quest to minimise your risks for developing gout. Many maladies have been relieved by it, so juice therapy for gout should be worth a try.

Many people have switched to juice therapy as a means to detoxify their bodies. Fruits and vegetables have always been recommended as part of a balanced diet. They provide vitamins and minerals that are vital in body processes. Apart from being quite delicious, fruits and vegetables also have practical functions: they stimulate better digestion through the enzymes that they carry, they strengthen your immune system, and they contain substances that serve as antioxidants and help eliminate toxins. If juicing works for other diseases, then it stands to reason that juice therapy for gout should also work.

The fruit that has been proven to possess properties that fight gout are berries and cherries. Blackberry, strawberry, cranberry eaten fresh at a minimum of 250 grams per day have been amply demonstrated to prevent gout or to help relieve its painful miseries, if it does strike. You can make a juice drink out of a few handfuls of these fruits. Taken regularly every day, these fruits can be very effective juice therapy for gout prevention.

A general cleansing diet regimen, although it may not be designed specifically for gout, will still be beneficial for gout as the diet will purify the body. Generally, those on a cleansing diet will follow for two or three days a diet that consists of raw fruits and vegetables, to be bolstered with a lot of fresh juices. It has been found that diluted juice from beets is a particularly active stimulating agent on the liver, thus helping to remove accumulated toxins. Though it is not specific juice therapy for gout, the cleansing diet plus lots of fresh juices are especially beneficial in alleviating degenerative conditions like arthritis and even cardiovascular disease.

Fresh juices of fruits and vegetables contain lots of vitamins and minerals; in addition, there are other substances that you get (but only when they are fresh, not packaged products found in supermarkets). These substances include enzymes and beneficial pigments.

The most well-known pigment is carotene, which give carrots, squash and similar vegetables their vivid colour. There are over 400 varieties of carotene, though the most familiar is beta-carotene. The other carotenes may have disease-fighting properties like beta-carotene.

Another group of pigments that is seen to have healing powers is the flavonoids. These substances can be obtained from fruits and vegetables, and beverages like tea. More studies are needed on flavonoids, but European researchers have so far established that those whose diets consist of fruits and vegetables with high flavonoid content are less likely to succumb to heart disease.

You should drink the juice immediately after you have extracted it. They lose their nutritional value very quickly, even if stored in the refrigerator. Juice therapy can really work for you, and maybe it is time you tried taking juice therapy for gout.

Gout Treatment

Gout is one of the most treatable forms of arthritis, and with proper treatment, you need not have any long-term consequences. Medications are available to relieve the pain and inflammation of acute bouts of gouty arthritis. For long-term care, you may need to take medications to treat the underlying metabolic disorder along with making such lifestyle changes as avoiding alcohol (primarily beer) and foods high in purines and increasing intake of dairy foods.

If you have a gout attack, many doctors recommend oral doses of ibuprofen or naproxen, available in both prescription and nonprescription versions, or other anti-inflammatory drugs. If you are taking aspirin, your doctor may recommend that you stop it temporarily. Aspirin can slow the elimination of uric acid and make gout worse. But if you take a low dose of aspirin to prevent other problems such as a heart attack, check with your doctor before stopping it.

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