Gout is so painful you would try anything to get relief from it, right? There are some homeopathic remedies and cures that can help ease the discomfort. You may find some of them a little odd, but they have been practiced for longer than your grandmother’s time so they may be worth a look.


Some people may still remember a liniment called tincture of arnica. Arnica has long been used in relieving the pain of injuries, and it also relieves the discomforts of gout. Arnica is especially useful on bruises, so when your pain resembles that of a bruise, arnica may be of help.

Berberis Vulgaris

Berberis may be able to help in situations where you are aching all over, or when you experience sudden twinges of sharp pain in the joints. This may also be indicated for those with tendencies toward kidney stones, which may also come from excess uric acid.


Sometimes the pain feels like your flesh is being torn apart even with the slightest movement. The joints seem swollen and painful to the touch. Your knees can barely move and feel quite stiff. You may want to be left alone at these times, not wanting anyone to touch you. In such conditions, byronia can be helpful.

Calcarea fluorica

When the gout makes your finger swell, and you feel stabbing pain, this may be the best remedy. It is possible to have cracking sounds on the joints when you move. Changes in weather aggravate the discomfort.


The big toe joint may be so swollen that you find any motion or touch difficult to bear. You may feel very fatigued or a little chilly internally. Colchicum may provide some relief in these instances.

Ledum palustre

This remedy is a big help when you feel the pains of gout shooting across your ankle and foot, and the entire foot and big toe may be very swollen.


In those times when the big toe flares up with gout before a change towards stormy weather. Other joints may be slightly affected with swelling and dull aches. You may feel the pain worsening toward early morning (unlike some attacks which are worse in early evening). During these times, rhododendron helps relieve the pain.


Sulphur is especially helpful when your gouty joints also feel very itchy, accompanied by a burning, very hot feeling all over your foot, although other joints may also be affected. The pain worsens tremendously with heat, and they may be worse in damp or very humid weather.

Many homeopathic physicians would suggest a graduated application of the remedies: take a dose, wait for the response. If improvement is observed, continue waiting and let the remedy do its work. If no improvement is seen, the physician will have to provide you with detailed steps on what to do next. You will have to consult closely with the doctor on the selection of the remedies to match the observed symptoms.

Other Gout Treatments

Gout is one of the most treatable forms of arthritis, and with proper treatment, you need not have any long-term consequences. Medications are available to relieve the pain and inflammation of acute bouts of gouty arthritis. For long-term care, you may need to take medications to treat the underlying metabolic disorder along with making such lifestyle changes as avoiding alcohol (primarily beer) and foods high in purines and increasing intake of dairy foods.

If you have a gout attack, many doctors recommend oral doses of ibuprofen or naproxen, available in both prescription and nonprescription versions, or other anti-inflammatory drugs. If you are taking aspirin, your doctor may recommend that you stop it temporarily. Aspirin can slow the elimination of uric acid and make gout worse. But if you take a low dose of aspirin to prevent other problems such as a heart attack, check with your doctor before stopping it.

Is Gout Preventable?

Yes it is!

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